Peter is available to teach in the greater Ottawa area and Lanark County.  He's fully qualified to teach classical piano up to Royal Conservatory Grade Nine.

Learn to play by ear

Peter's particular talent is teaching improvised music — jazz, blues, rock, and other popular styles.

  • designed and taught a course for adults in "Piano Playing By Ear" for the Ottawa Board of Education, Continuing Education department, from 1990 to 1998.
  •  designed and taught a Popular Piano course for children for the Ottawa Board of Education, Extracurricular Creative Arts department, from 1992 to 1998.
  •  introduced hundreds of private students to playing by ear as well as assisting more advanced players.

Teaching experience

  • has played jazz and blues keyboards for over 50 years [maybe 60, if you count the cardboard keyboard he learned on]
  • teaching classical piano since 1975
  • teaching improvised piano styles (jazz, blues, pop) since 1983
  • ARCT (Associate of The Royal Conservatory Of Music), Teacher's Diploma, 1975

Television appearance

Peter Brown is interviewed by CTV's Eric Longley about the nature of jazz improvisation, June 28, 2008.  View the video.

Peter Brown's CJOH interview:


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