"...Peter is one of the most creative, versatile and accomplished keyboardists I have had the pleasure of hearing.  He performs, writes, teaches, and records.  There is no musical genre he cannot play well."

James Peckett  —  Shiverz Entertainment Magazine, Apr. 1999


Career Highlights


CDs Released


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Music Career

  •  has played jazz and blues keyboards for over 50 years [and boy, are his arms tired]
  •  has taught classical piano since 1975
  •  has taught improvised piano styles (jazz, blues, pop) since 1983
  •  designed and taught a "Piano Playing By Ear" course for adults for the Ottawa Board of Education, Continuing Education department, from 1990 to 1998
  •  designed and taught a Popular Piano course for children for the Ottawa Board of Education, Extracurricular Creative Arts department, from 1992 to 1998


Performance Experience

  •   The Rockerfellas, from 2011
  •   Peter Brown Jazz Quartet, from 2011
  •   Peter Brown Jazz Trio, from 2003
  •   Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo, 1997-2013
  •   Boppin' Blues Band, 1995-1999
  •   The Hurricanes, 1991-1998
  •   Dutch Mason, 1993-1997
  •   Drew Nelson Band, 1993-1995
  •   5:15 House Band (jazz fusion) 1988-1991
  •   hundreds, maybe thousands, of solo piano/vocal appearances at clubs, private events, house concerts, seniors' residences, etc.


Music Education