Stone Fence Theatre: Up At Fred's - Allons-y!

Up at Fred's - Allons-y! is a musical trip back in time that tells the story of Fred Meilleur, his family, his guests, and the remarkable Ottawa River hotel.  It features an all-star cast and is sure to bring back happy memories - or introduce you to a very special place in Valley lore.Tickets, including an Ottawa Valley-style roast beef supper, cost $49 + tax or $20 for youth, with options available for those with dietary needs. This performance is at the Rankin Cultural and Community Centre in Rankin, Ontario.  Peter plays in the pit band, along with some very gifted fellow musicians, and also has a very small part on stage.  Tickets and sales: (613) 401-1497.  Stone Fence (    ) is a unique musical theatre company which creates original stories and songs about life in the Ottawa Valley.  Peter has been performing and playing with the company since 2009.