Owl Rafting on the Ottawa with Cari Schauer and the Cari-On Band

Peter plays with the Cari-On Band at the famous Owl Rafting on the Ottawa in Foresters Falls, Ontario, on Sat August 4 from 9:30 pm to midnight.

With Cari Schauer on guitar and vocals, Derek Tolhurst on bass and vocals, Paul Imeson on guitar and Bill Pinkerton on drums.

Info at https://owlrafting.com/contact-us/, https://www.facebook.com/owlrafting, https://www.facebook.com/TheCariOnBand, by e-mail at raft@owlrafting.com or by phone at 613-238-7238 or 1-800-461-7238.

OWL Rafting on the Ottawa River / Rafting/Kayaking / 40 OWL Lane, Foresters Falls, ON K0J 1V0, Canada / Hours: 8:00am-6:00pm